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An heirloom ingredient, re-discovered for the contemporary kitchen...


The word ‘Verjus’ derives from the Middle French ‘vert jus’ meaning green juice. It is made from pressed unripe (or green) grapes. Verjus was used widely by medieval cooks as a condiment, in sauces, soups and to deglaze.
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Observing traditional practice and modern food ethics, Verjus by Nathan Outlaw is handcrafted, organic and sustainably-produced. It can be used as a gentler, complementary acidity than lemon juice or vinegar; to balance, build flavour & complexity.
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“I use this organic, handpicked, green grape Verjus as a gentle, balancing acidity in my cooking. This ancient, natural ingredient is perfect to poach fish, chicken or fruit, for seafood and salad dressings and roasted meat jus. Enjoy!” Nathan Outlaw.
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‘Verjus by Nathan Outlaw’ is an heirloom ingredient, re-discovered for the contemporary kitchen.

It is the product of a collaboration between Michelin-starred and AA Hospitality’s Chef of the Year, Nathan Outlaw and award-winning, organic, Loire Valley winery, Levin Wines.

NATHAN OUTLAW is an internationally-renowned chef, television personality and author, with a passion for seafood originally ignited at Rick Stein’s The Seafood Restaurant. Nathan’s heart is in Cornwall and its surrounding seas, where his two Michelin-starred restaurants Nathan Outlaw and Outlaw’s are based in Rock. In London, there is Michelin-starred restaurant, Outlaw’s at The Capital. Nathan’s first book, ‘Nathan Outlaw’s British Seafood’, won 2013 Cookery Book of the Year.

Nathan Outlaw says: “I was inspired by this ancient, natural ingredient, for its mild, sweet-tart character that beautifully complements wine. With my interest in British seafood, I initially used verjus as an excellent poaching liquid for fish. But I have now begun to include verjus in a basic foundation dressing for most of my dishes; as well, to poach chicken, pears or dried fruit; as a dressing for tomatoes, kale or oysters; to deglaze, create a jus or reduction in a pan of pheasant, pork or onions; and in sorbets and puddings.”

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LEVIN WINES is the source of green grapes used to product ‘Verjus by Nathan Outlaw’.

The grapes are grown on LEVIN Wine’s certified organic vineyards in the Loire Valley, France.

David Levin and his Australian wife, Lynne are committed to producing a world class Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire Valley. Adopting a philosophy of combining the best of traditional organic agriculture with the finest innovative winemaking techniques, LEVIN Wine is proudly based on French terroir, history and tradition giving a true expression of the Sauvignon Blanc grape in its original and traditional home; The Loire.

Our verjus is made in typical artisan fashion – handpicked grapes gently basket-pressed in order to preserve the natural grape aromas, flavours and gentle acidity. LEVIN Wine have always hand-thinned their vineyards at what wine growers call veraison ‘the onset of ripening’. This helps concentrate the flavour of the grapes and balance the life force of the vines. It was a natural progression to revive this traditional practice and, in collaboration with Nathan, produce ’Verjus by Nathan Outlaw’.

This natural ingredient must be refrigerated after opening and used within 6 weeks of opening.

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